Philosopher’s Corner

U3A Philosophy 2022

Session guide No. 1 Convener: Keith Ashfold –


This 2022 Philosophy Course differs from previous U3A presentations in that those interested may participate even if they cannot attend sessions in person. Prior to each scheduled session subject guides will be emailed to all who have registered an interest and can be used to aid self-study at home. Those who do attend though will have the additional advantages of face-to-face discussion to further explore the subject, so regular attendance is recommended. Non-attendees are encouraged to email contributions and comments as a means of active participation. Post-session summaries are also intended to keep everyone up to date with progress.


First session on February 22, thereafter on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month unless otherwise advised. 10 am to 12 noon at the U3A meeting room in Railway Avenue


Those wanting to learn about the lives and views of philosophers from antiquity to modern times, and to those who desire to also understand the reasoning behind these views and the extent to which they may be relevant in their own lives.


Information on a wide variety of subjects drawn from the views of ancient and modern philosophers; discussion on these views in the context of their times and cultures; discussion on areas where different ideas are in conflict; proofs that God exists; proofs that God does not exist; faith and the scientific method; references to books and internet sources for further information; matters which attendees may suggest.

Because philosophy is basically about beliefs – beliefs about what is, and why, it is inevitable that religion will be part of discussion material. There is no intention or desire to change any beliefs you may currently hold, nor to promote (or belittle) any one belief in regard to any other. It is important, too, that course attendees adopt the same non-judgemental and non-confrontational attitudes to ensure open, friendly, and productive discussion; all beliefs are to be respected.